The same courses you’ll find on campus, with the flexibility to learn when and where you want


The same courses you’ll find on campus, with the flexibility to learn when and where you want

Ten Toes Edutainment Formulation- “5E”

Bound to deliver excellence in education, all of us at Ten Toes are very much enthusiastic about the future of learning and teaching seeks to make students’ learning real, relevant and relatable.

Inspired by how Finnish education works, we created 5 most important formulations (known as 5E) for our programme delivery which has been proven to be very engaging and our students just fall in love with learning.

Edu Learning

At Ten Toes, we adopt play-based learning as part of our pedagogy and practice where purposeful play is inherently integrated in our daily programme. Our curriculum would include dance, games, role play, stage performance, painting or debates in addition to the “traditional subjects” to optimise students’ learning experience. In other words, they have mastered the art of making learning fun.

Edu Tech

Children today are immersed in educational media more than ever, with approximately 83% of children aged 6 months to 6 years old using some form of screen media every day and therefore the reality of media usage among young children cannot be ignored. Through the use of technology (tablets, desktops or interactive whiteboards), it enhances the teaching and learning environment and allow teachers to build stronger relationship with students over subjects discussed in class.

Edu Space

Most of a child’s learning is done from reading books. The better a child can read, the easier it will be for them to learn what they need to in school. With reading comes comprehension and analytical thinking skills. At Ten Toes, teachers highly cultivate a love of reading in students. Having said that, every Ten Toes centre is built with a library corner to encourage students’ reading habits and serve as a resource centre for them to research for information and develop solutions to their questions. That way students begin to assume responsibility for their own learning.

Edu Life

The moral character of children and adolescent has always been important. At Ten Toes, we put greater emphasis on student’s moral development. Unlike traditional learning, Ten Toes help students develop good character through the application of Ten Toes life education where students are required to model the good values in their daily life aimed to make it relevant to their world.

In addition, we deeply care about students’ emotional well-being. Ten Toes is the first and only preschool that introduces Sandplay Therapy. It is a therapeutic technique used in the counselling to help students achieve feelings of comfort and security to express themselves by placing the miniatures figures in the sand tray in ways they choose.  It is an incredibly insightful method for teachers and parents to understand a student more fully and develop intervention to help them work through their conflicts and struggles.

Edu Toys

Toys will always be one of the key learning elements in preschool. We identify toys education into Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). A child can acquire curiosity, creativity, thinking and vital problem-solving skills through proper playtime activities. Important social skills can also be developed in children while they play with their favourite toys. Toys designed especially for preschool toddlers focus on memory skills, patterns and matching activities. Creative skills and artistic abilities of preschool kids are also enhanced by some of these toys. Moreover, preschool toys can develop a child’s imagination and interest in a specific field.