About Ten Toes

Joyous Genius Born Here!

About Ten Toes

Malaysia First Edutainment Learning Experience Education Group.

Ten Toes Academy learning experience was inspired by Finland Education mythology and system. Emphasizing on creative & innovative learning experience towards to our future hope, children from 2 to 12 years old, by implementing our 5 Pro-Active Edutainment Formulations to inspired them to be the future Joyous Genius.




Joyous Genius Born Here!

Our Mission

To inspire the dream of every unique child in joyous learning environment.

To enhance teacher’s quality life.

To culivate life skill and positive value that empower children to successfully move into the mainstream of society.

Joyous Genius Born Here!


Ten Toes Kiddy aims to provide the best innovative, the best age appropriate and child-centred teaching practices to facilitate children in achieving holistic development at their own unique rate, hence Ten Toes with the slogan of ‘Joyous Genius Born Here’.  The child must be the “master” of their own learning and be able to learn voluntarily. We believe that, with the ability to read, the child would be able to acquire a variety of abilities, face up to challenges, and overcome obstacles.

Learning should be fun, engaging and dynamic. Ten Toes Kiddy is the place where young children come out from home environment to explore the preschool environment and socialize with peers and adults. This is a time of remarkable growth, when children are experiencing rapid development, learning new skills and progressing steadily towards physical, cognitive, and social-emotional milestones.


In order to prepare children to face up challenges in the future changing world,  Ten Toes Kiddy program designed to accentuate children’s ability by cultivating language ability, practical life skills, social ability, technology capability, as well as the ability to care for people and things.

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