Joyous Genius Born Here!


Founded by a team of 10 passionate educators with more than 15 years in the management and operation of various children education, Ten Toes advocates the hybrid idea of fun experiential learning by combining Education and Entertainment in their curriculum, intends to make learning enjoyable and memorable, increase the learners’ excitement for all subjects through interesting experiential activities.

Having grown up from different small towns in Johor Bahru where access to quality education is limited, the founders set ambitious goals to ensure that every child in every small towns have access to an entertaining learning experience through Ten Toes and aiming to make its name as the leading education provider in all small towns in Malaysia.

Joyous Genius Born Here!


The company is named after Ten Toes to symbolise the 10 founders come together around a shared mission to deliver the best experiential learning for the young children. Best education does not happen overnight, it is a continued journey one step at a time to create ground and to build strength.

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