Mandy Heng
Chief Executive Officer

Mandy is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ten Toes Berhad. Entrepreneurial by nature, Mandy embarked on her first business venture in 2010, launching her first early childhood education and care centre which was later expanded to 6 centres in 2018.

Starting her career in the sales industry, Mandy brings more than 10 years of corporate sales, management, business development, training and coaching experience from various fields.

Being an entrepreneur, she is a woman of many hats overseeing the duties of very large (growing business and strategic planning) to the very small (operation), these variety of roles developed Mandy as an all-rounder that familiar with diverse business functions. Her entrepreneurial experience teaches her that innovation, profitability, cash flow, culture and improvement are the top priorities in any businesses.

In her current capacity as Chief Executive Officer, she provides leadership for all strategic, financial and business aspects of the company. As a leader of the company, she builds and models a great company culture. She is instrumental to the development of the company where she makes high level decision about policy and strategy, advise the board of directors and set a course for company strategy to ensure the success of the business.


Davis How
Chief Operating Officer

Davis is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ten Toes Berhad.  Driven by a passion to inspire children love for learning in their early years, Davis took a bold move switching his career from trading to early childhood education in year 2012. He started out as the school principal then Director to oversee the operation of an education centre. From a novice to a veteran education expert, he learned the hard way to master school management and has successfully drive aggressive expansion growing the centre numbers from 1 to 5 within 6 years.

Prior to this, he held numerous senior management positions. In year 2004, he was served as an Assistant Group Operations Manager for Brutex Brunei. From year 2008- 2010, he directed the sales division of Ramatex (Nike) as the Sales & Marketing Manager.

In his current capacity as Chief Operating Officer, he partners with CEO to drive operational efficiency and performance in accelerating business growth. He provides leadership to architect operations strategies, spearheads the implementation of strategies, people system, operational controls and processes to optimise the Company’s operating capabilities and financial strength.

William Chia
Chief Sales Officer

William is the founder and Chief Sales Officer of Ten Toes Berhad. William began his professional sales career in year 2000 and was later ventured into the education sector as a District Manager with focuses to drive sales performance of the region, new account development and build stronger brand presence in the region.

Very passionate about motivating sales professionals to achieve their goals, he managed to drive the team led by him to achieve many outstanding performances throughout his past 19 years of professional sales career. He is also a networking guru who can forge strategic alliances across key business sectors in different industries at leadership levels.

In his current capacity as Chief Sales Officer, he plays a major strategic role where he spearheads the business development and corporate branding strategies. He is also charged with ensuring sustainable revenue growth by constantly maximising market penetration through channels and services.

Alivia Lua
Chief Curriculum Innovation

Alivia is the founder and Chief Curriculum Innovation of Ten Toes Berhad. Passionate about educating children, she stepped away from her journalism profession and launched her own education business in 2013.

Having served as a teacher and principal for the past 10 years, she knows what makes children learn best, she is also a skilled trainer who train and mentor more than 40 teachers on effective techniques for educating children and managing the classroom environment. In her previous role, she actively researching curricular trends and developments and make recommendations consistent with the school’s mission and overall academic goals.

In her capacity as the Head of Research and Development, she manages the development and evolution of Ten Toes’ curriculum in line with emerging education trends, her portfolio spans across the delivery of curriculum, teaching approaches and teacher competency development with the aim to create exceptional education that brings out each child’s unique potential through experiential learning.

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