Our Uniqueness

Malaysia’s first ever education group introduces edutainment learning

Specifically developed pro-active edutainment formulation inspired by the Finnish education approach

Led by a solid founding team, each brings more than 15 years’ experience in the education setting

Well-trained edutainment coach


Through the Ten Toes proactive edutainment formulation, we seek to make learning happen in a conducive and fun atmosphere through the integration of purposeful play and interesting experiential activities in our daily programme. At Ten Toes we aim to foster a Whole Child who are confident and capable, feel empowered to achieve their goals- be they in school, work or life.


Prepared to lead their own lives, and decide their own paths and destiny.


Always motivated and enthusiastic about asking “what if?”


In possession of the knowledge and tools necessary for an outstanding performance at school, at work and in life.


Able to think freely & shape their own beliefs.


Trilingual and culturally literate for a global future.


Deeply aware of their talents and potential.


Passionate about knowledge and learning.